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Chief of Police


Message from Chief Patrick Flanagan


I would like to welcome you to our website and encourage you to continue to visit our website for information about your police department. Our website is set up to provide the public with information about the police department including the people who work here and the services we provide. If at anytime you have any suggestions that you think would improve our website feel free to send us that information electronically through the website.

The men and women of the North Kingstown Police Department are a dedicated group of law enforcement professionals who are here 24 hours a day to serve you. We continually strive to find ways to better serve the public and to maintain the quality of life here in North Kingstown that we have all grown to enjoy.

My office is open during normal business hours. My secretary is Lee Ann Benson and you can reach her at 294-3316 ext. 8202.

The mission of the North Kingstown Police Department is to ensure that police services are delivered in an effective and efficient manner - providing a quality of life for all residents and visitors that is free from the threat or fear of crime impacting their lives. This mission is accomplished by employing contemporary methods and techniques, while remaining ever vigilant of the need to operate with the utmost regard for customer service.


Department Description

The North Kingstown Police Department is currently staffed by forty-five sworn personnel: forty-four officers of various rank and the Chief of Police. Our police patrols are divided into four squads of six patrol officers and two supervisors, consisting of a Sergeant and Lieutenant. The patrol officers work one of two 12-hour shifts, starting at 7AM to 7PM or 7PM to 7AM. Two squads are assigned to each shift, providing 24 hour 7 days a week of coverage to the Town of North Kingstown. Additionally, one patrol officer is assigned as a School Resource Officer to the North Kingstown High School. Remaining police personnel are assigned to administrative positions or the Detective Division, consisting of 6 detectives including the Detective Lt. Commander. The prosecution office is staffed by a Detective Sergeant and a civilian secretary. Civilian support staff includes three full-time dispatchers, three part-time dispatchers (16 hrs wk), three secretaries, one clerk, one custodian and one mechanic. Animal Control and Harbormaster staff include: one Animal Warden, one assistant Animal Warden, a full-time Harbormaster and one part-time Assistant Harbormasters. The Police Department operates from the police and fire headquarters building located at 8166 Post Road; the Animal Control Division operates from the Animal Shelter building located at 395 Hamilton Allenton Road. The Harbormaster maintains a patrol boat berthed at the Town Dock located at the end of Main Street with an office located at police headquarters.